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Compounding allows us to create customized medications as unique as the patients we serve. We can also avoid lengthy delays on providing access to pharmaceuticals that are unavailable or discontinued from commercial manufacturers. As the only Compounding Pharmacy on Manitoulin Island, we can provide this service to you, your family and even the family pet. Working with your veterinarian, we are able to create medications for all types of animals from house pets to livestock.


Changing the form of your prescription – Oftentimes people are unable to ingest a medication in the traditional form. We can compound your medication into a liquid, suppository, or even into a transdermal gel which will allow your body to absorb it through the skin. Powder, lozenges, sublingual drops, rapid-dissolve tablets, lip balms, and even lollipops can also be produced.

Eliminating additives or adding flavour – If you are concerned about the dyes and fillers (alcohol/lactose/sugar/gluten), we are able to remove these altogether. Contrarily, if you would like a more palatable flavour to entice little ones (or yourself) to take what the doctor ordered, we are your flavour experts!

Cutting back on side effects – If your medication is impeding your ability to lead a happy, healthy life due to nausea, drowsiness, upset stomach, or headaches, we will work with you to find the right balance and enhance your experience.


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